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We provide accessible HR support to New Zealand businesses.
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Are You Struggling To

Manage HR in Your Business?

Fed up of dealing with HR issues? We help you understand and manage HR within your business.

Is Your Lack Of HR Knowledge Making You Feel Ill-Equipped?

When you’re not sure what to do, dealing with HR is stressful, costly and time-demanding. But it doesn’t need to be this way! We assist in ensuring your HR is streamlined by providing specialised advice and documentation customised to your business. Our ongoing support keeps you informed of legislative changes and landmark court cases which may impact your industry.

Tired Of Keeping Up With Changing Rules And Staff Issues?

Are you familiar with headaches when managing staff? Has your internet search for solutions ever let you down? We take the complexity out of HR and minimise your exposure by helping you to meet your legal obligations and continue to remain compliant. We support you to find, onboard, manage and exit your staff lawfully.

Here’s How We Can Help

Gone are the days of being constantly stressed about HR. FixHR helps you solve your problems in three simple steps.

HR Support New Zealand
Talk About Your Business With An Expert

To get started, book in for an appointment, either by phone or via video call, so we can discuss your HR needs. We will answer your questions, see how we can help you, and find out if our services are the right solution for you.

HR Support New Zealand
We’ll Tailor HR Services to Your Business Needs

We spend time with you to understand your business and the challenges and opportunities you have in the HR space. We prepare tailored agreements, letters, policies and stationery to reflect your business and provide a masterclass on your new library of documents.

HR Support New Zealand
Ongoing Tailored Training and Support

Our team is available to help with ongoing HR needs and can deliver specialised training to you and your team. Our annual support subscriptions are available based on how much assistance you think you will need from us per year, with 6, 12, 18 and 24-hour packages available.

What Our Happy Clients Say

Gone are the days of being constantly stressed about HR. FixHR helps you solve your problems in three simple steps.

Why FixHR?

Prior to FixHR, our team gained collective experience working with thousands of small businesses, so we understand the many needs and concerns that business owners have regarding HR.


Our cost-effective servicing is affordable for all small and medium businesses.

Tailored Solutions

We customise our services to suit your unique business needs.


Our different service levels mean you get access to the right amount of support.

Personal Approach

We aim to make you feel valued as we work with you and your business.

Practical Answers

We remove the complexity from HR and answer all your questions.

Ongoing Training

We are available whenever you need us, whether face-to-face or remotely.

Would You Like to Discuss Your Needs With an Expert?

We exist to make your life easier. To get things started, we encourage you to book in for an initial phone or Zoom appointment so we can get to know more about you and your HR needs.

We’ll answer your questions, discuss how good HR benefits your business and talk about how we do things at FixHR. If we’re the right fit for your business, we can discuss what it takes to join our service.

Helpful Resources

We offer a range of resources to help you solve some of your most painful HR issues fast. Plus we’ll give you some great insights to make sure you’ve got peace of mind moving forward.

HR Support New Zealand
Application For Employment
Management Insights
Exit Interview
HR Support New Zealand
Performance Improvement Plan