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No Jab, No Job

Max Whitehead is known nationwide as a leading employment law expert, often quoted in the media and a reputable guy. FixHR recently participated in a seminar he spoke at regarding…

Staff Taking Overseas Holidays?

While our travel bubbles have been long awaited and signal an important step toward turning around our embattled tourism industry, remember that as an employer you need to have the…

Contractor vs Employee

Staff Member or Contractor Is the difference between an employee and a contractor not just splitting hairs? “If my guys choose to be contractors, what does it matter to me?…
Dealing With Fake Sickies

Dealing with Fake Sickies

As an employer you’ve probably questioned the genuineness of an employee taking sick leave from time to time. When time is money, this is something that deserves some thought, strategy and…
Deciding About Downsizing

Deciding about Downsizing

The New Zealand economy has been heavily disrupted over the past nine months resulting in most businesses needing to review their operations, including their workforce needs.  Many businesses have been…

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