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Employing Friends Family
Employment relations, HR Compliance, Organisational structure
Employing Friends or Family
Every media outlet in the country is talking about our record-breaking low unemployment rate (3.2%) and our tight labour market. A substantial proportion of our clients are recruiting – heck…
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The Great Resignation - preventing staff from leaving
Employment relations, Organisational structure, Recruitment
The Great Resignation – Is Your Business Prepared?
The Great Resignation We are warned that in 2022, New Zealand will experience ‘The Great Resignation’. While we all know the frustration of hoping someone will resign who won’t, that’s…
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Legal staff exit
Employment relations, HR Compliance, Organisational structure
Deciding about Downsizing
The New Zealand economy has been heavily disrupted over the past nine months resulting in most businesses needing to review their operations, including their workforce needs.  Many businesses have been…
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