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Jill White
With over 10 years of HR experience, I specialise in employee relations, recruitment, performance management, and policy implementation. I thrive on building solid workplace cultures based on compliance and trust,…
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Sophie Correia
I’m passionate about helping people and finding solutions to their needs. My legal background¬†gives me an exceptional eye for detail and I’ve also worked as an Employment Relations and Health…
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Liz Tibbutt
With over 30 years in human resources, I have seen most things to do with people at work. I am a huge believer in getting the HR basics right to…
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Courtney Woods
I’ve accumulated a decade of experience in the wide world of HR, lending my expertise to various industries across New Zealand. I have a deep understanding of New Zealand’s employment…
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Ainsley Palairet
Having met with over 3000 business owners since returning to New Zealand in 2011, I am convinced and committed to the following three things: HR is an area best outsourced…
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